Welcome to the future of eating in your car thanks to this clever product

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Make eating in the car a cleaner and more enjoyable experience with this handy, futuristic little gadget. (Source: iStock)

We all know eating in the car isn’t the most optimal way to enjoy meals, but when have a busy and chaotic life, it can be hard to avoid. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a quick burger, some chicken strips or even some fries.

Although it can sometimes be fun to enjoy fast food in the car, especially at drive-in food stands with friends or family, eating on the move can get pretty messy. Luckily, we’ve found just the product to help you enjoy your favorite, delicious dipping sauces on the go. The Saucemoto Dip Clip allows you to clip your sauces to your vents to prevent messes and allows you to enjoy tasty food as you travel.

Saucy discounts

This travel sauce cup makes eating in the car a lot less of a messy chore.  (Source: Amazon)

This travel sauce cup makes eating in the car a lot less of a messy chore. (Source: Amazon)

$10.00 $12.99 at Amazon

The Saucemoto Dip Cup will change your car meals and make scarfing down dry fries a thing of the past. It’s an in-car sauce holder that clips right into your dash, just like an air freshener or a mount for your phone.

This Shark Tank-famous product is specially designed to fit sauces from pretty much every major fast food chain, even though they come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. The holder also comes with a washable, removable rubber cup that you can squeeze any sauces that come in packets into.

Still not sure about it? Then go ahead and check out what this happy customer had to say about this slightly silly, yet genius invention, titled ‘Welcome to the Future:’

“Do you struggle with coating your fries with ketchup while driving with your knee?? I did for years. I often spilled ketchup all over the front of me and never got the right ketchup to fry ration. NEVER AGAIN!! This thing changed my life. I will never road-trip again with out this miracle of modern science. I can now dunk with one hand and drive with the other. I have probably saved countless lives.”

If you’d like to join that satisfied purchaser, now’s a great time. The Saucemoto two-pack is 8% off right now on Amazon. Take advantage of this deal while it’s here and get to dipping.

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