Web App Development Cost in 2022

What Impacts The Web App Development Costs?

Web app development cost isn’t affected or driven by one factor. In fact, multiple factors go in together and decide the final development cost. Here is what we’re referring to.

  • How do different regions impact your cost of web app development

    How do different regions impact your cost of web app development

    Scope of the project

This is the major cost-deciding factor. An app with a broader scope will no doubt ask for more features that will add to the development cost. To find out the scope of your project, you need to figure out:

  1. Type of web app
  2. Targeted browser
  3. Any supported mobile version of the app is required or not

The more expectations you’ll have from your app, the higher capabilities you need to add to it. Keep in mind that more features and functionalities mean a high cost. For instance, a simple and uncomplicated app can only cost you $1,000 per project. But, a custom and complex project can cost you $95,000 per project.

  • The development or developer’s location

Not many of us are aware, but the physical location of the business and/or development area and/or developer influences the final development cost. A native US developer will certainly cost more than an Asian developer for the same features and facilities. Also, the skills and experience developers will bring to the table will decide the final cost.

  • Development of language and resources used

There are various development languages, and resources are available at varied costs. The kind of language, development skill set, and resources you pick will determine the final cost. For instance, HTML developers are cost-effective as compared to Python.

UX/UI is a crucial part of your app, and its effectiveness depends on the app’s popularity amongst the customers. If you’re adding too many features, widgets, plugins, and animations, you definitely have to spend extra. On average, the UX/UI aspect of the web app can cost you anywhere between $750-$4,000.

Web app development isn’t completed without proper maintenance. Ideally, the 15% to 20% share of total development cost should be saved for maintenance. It involves version updates, adding integration, fixing bugs, and many more.