However, you can configure your VPC networks to have an MTU of 1500 bytes. For details about how the set of routes shared by a Cloud Router can be customized, see custom ads. Custom routes are either static routes that you create manually or dynamic routes maintained routinely by a quantity of of your Cloud Routers. You can enable IPv6 on the next forms of subnets in a VPC network. When you enable IPv6 for a VM, the VM is allotted a /96 IPv6 tackle range. The first IP handle in that vary is assigned to the primary interface using DHCPv6.


Unify remote, department, campus, and data middle connectivity by converging the management of wired, wi-fi, and WAN networks onto a single cloud-native platform. An intranet is a set of networks which may be under the management of a single administrative entity. The intranet uses the IP protocol and IP-based …

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