The Bowers & Wilkins Px8 007 Edition celebrate British style

British style can be seen in various pop culture icons such as Pink Floyd, Dr. Who, and James Bond. Of course, there are many more examples of British style, and the variety is far more than what I mentioned here.

Bowers & Wilkins is a proudly British audio company that has announced a celebration and collaboration with James Bond music to make the Px8 007 Edition headphones. This partnership brings two iconic British brands together to celebrate sixty years of James Bond music.

The new Bowers & Wilkins Px8 007 Edition color was based on the Midnight Blue tuxedo worn by Bond in the 1962 film Dr. No. Here is some background Bowers & Wilkins provided in its press release.

The Bowers & Wilkins Px8 007 Edition celebrate British style

“Every world-famous cinema release you can think of has its own uniquely identifiable music that lives long in the memory even after the final credits roll – but in all of cinema, there can be a few better
examples of memorable music than the scores that have propelled James Bond films over the past six decades. From Monty Norman’s signature theme through each of the iconic title songs, music has been inextricably linked with 007.”

To celebrate the new

Put your iPhone 14 in Airplane Mode on rollercoasters to prevent 911 calls

With new phones come new features. One of the new features of the iPhone 14, Crash Detection, is supposed to call 911 in the event you are involved in a major automobile collision and can’t call them yourself. While the feature does appear to work well in testing and the real world, it also appears to be triggered by roller coaster rides.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, 911 was dispatched to Kings Island amusement park near Cincinnati at least six times when they received emergency 911 calls. As the calls start out with “The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash…” they often result in emergency services being dispatched to check it out. Emergency services in other locations, like Six Flags in New Jersey, were also dispatched when they received these calls.

While many parks recommend not taking your device on the ride, many riders do, storing them in a fanny pack or their pockets. Of course, if the jolting and sudden stops of the rollercoaster trigger the iPhone 14 Crash Detection feature, the user can’t do anything about it until the ride is over — assuming they’re even aware that emergency services

Govee announces new budget-friendly permanent outdoor lights for all occasions

Govee, is a global leader in smart lighting and RGBIC technology, and today they launched the brand’s first Permanent Outdoor Lights. Unlike other solutions currently available, the Permanent Outdoor Lights require a simple, one-time installation process, are durable, and are energy efficient. This leads to lower maintenance costs and a longer life span.

This new outdoor lighting solution is also the most affordable on the market. At just US$199 (50ft) to US$299 (100ft), the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights provide the experience of products that come in at double, triple, and even quadruple the price. Integrated with RGBIC technology and offering 69 customizable lighting modes, these innovative lights do not compromise on quality and are a must-have for outdoor decor.

Bring Holidays and Events to Life with Customizable Lights

Users can breathe new life into their ghostly Halloween decor and Christmas decorations with this permanent outdoor lighting solution featuring a built-in IC (Integrated Circuit) chip. This means a single light string can generate 16 million colors and simultaneously display multiple colors on the same strip. Beyond that, each individual light bead features a concave lens and higher watts per bead than anything else on the market. This allows it to provide

We Do Not Sell Your Data; What does it mean?

What Does It Actually Mean When a Company Says, “We Do Not Sell Your Data”?

Experts say the privacy promise—ubiquitous in online services and apps—obscures the truth about how companies use personal data

By: Alfred Ng

Originally published on

You’ve likely run into this claim from tech giants before: “We do not sell your personal data.”

Companies from Facebook to Google to Twitter repeat versions of this statement in their privacy policies, public statements, and congressional testimony. And when taken very literally, the promise is true: Despite gathering masses of personal data on their users and converting that data into billions of dollars in profits, these tech giants do not directly sell their users’ information the same way data brokers directly sell data in bulk to advertisers.

But the disclaimers are also a distraction from all the other ways tech giants use personal data for profit and, in the process, put users’ privacy at risk, experts say.

Lawmakers, watchdog organizations, and privacy advocates have all pointed out ways that advertisers can still pay for access to data from companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter without directly purchasing it. (Facebook spokesperson Emil Vazquez declined to comment and Twitter spokesperson Laura Pacas referred us to

BLUETTI Unveiled the modular energy storage systems EP600 & B500 at IFA 2022

Last week, BLUETTI showed off its latest innovations at IFA, Berlin, including the AC500+B300S combo, AC200 series, and most importantly, the long-rumored solar system-EP600+B500, which is a three-phase system that features a 6kW inverter and maximum 79kWh LFP battery capacity.

It may be overwhelming to look for a perfect solar battery since tons of options are available, and it’s hard to parse through all of them. And there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to energy storage.

Flexibility always comes as the first priority of BLUETTI’s innovations. Ever since the launch of the AC300+B300 system in 2021, BLUETTI has started to make its premium solar power systems modular, bringing extraordinary versatility and compatibility. The latest EP600 and B500 inherit this fine tradition.

What is the EP600 solar battery system?

The modular design of the EP600 significantly shrinks the overall weight and size. It is packed with a whopping 6000W bi-directional inverter for AC input and output, providing AC power at 230/400V to run almost any household electric appliances easily. In addition, the EP600 also supports up to 6000W solar input from 150V to 500V range. With a 99.9% MPPT solar efficiency, you can power all your fun with the

Hasbro announces Selfie Series action figures

Hasbro has been making action figures and toys for years, and now they are tapping into society’s obsession with self. The new Hasbro Selfie Series can create an action figure based on you with simple photographs of your face at different angles. I’d be more interested in these as gifts for others and not so much for myself; I’m not self-absorbed.

But understanding the Instagram/TikTok warped world we live in, I can see why Hasbro is heading in the Selfie Series direction. But I digress.

Hasbro is using Formlabs 3D printing for manufacturing personalized action figures at scale. For the first time, fans can scan their face with a smart device and have a custom-made look-a-like action figure delivered to their door.

This launch represents the culmination of years of investment in Formlabs stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology combined with a drive to bring fans closer to the entertainment worlds they love.

Customers need to upload a few photos of their faces from different angles to the app, choose their hair color and personalization, such as adding a beard or glasses, and then select which action figure they want to become! From a Star Wars Rebel Alliance X-wing pilot, morphing

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight simulation control system gets Rudder Pedals and Stand add-ons

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System was released last year. However, it was missing rudder pedals to complete the flight sim experience. Today, the company has announced the addition of the VelocityOne Rudder Pedals and the VelocityOne Stand to tie the system together.

The TurtleBeach VelocityOne Rudder Pedals help complete the realistic flight simulation setup when playing games like Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC or Xbox. The pedals also feature dual configurations for light or heavy aircraft setups, swappable springs, differential brakes, and adjustable pedal width and shapes.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder Pedals
The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder Pedals.

To round out the experience, the VelocityOne Stand allows gamers to securely mount and easily store their flight sim setup. While it is a perfect fit for the Flight Universal Control System and Rudder Pedals from Turtle Beach, the stand also supports other flight and racing simulation setups. The built-in quick release latch allows users to easily adjust the height, angle, and length of the setup.

“Combined with the Velocity One Flight, the new VelocityOne Pedals and Stand create the best, most complete and modern flight simulation control system on the market. We’ve teased the Pedals and Stand behind closed doors over the past

How convenience and ease of use outweigh our desire for privacy

I have been writing about technology, specifically consumer technology, for over ten years, and one of the areas of tech that has piqued my interest is security and privacy. That wasn’t the case ten or eleven years ago. Back then, you could find me toeing the talking point that Google and Facebook were private companies, and they could do what they wanted.

But times have changed, and the way companies use our data, and the data they collect from us has changed. More people are becoming aware of this, and many are not happy about it. But becoming aware and being unhappy about the situation doesn’t change much.

Privacy is what we want

Privacy Paranoia Big Data Is Watching You signpost

Over the past few years, I have noticed many people voice concerns as I have written dozens of pieces on privacy and security. But I also have seen that behaviors haven’t changed that much. Even friends and family who ask for advice on making their lives less accessible to big tech aren’t implementing the advice given to them.

Why is that? Why is it so difficult to delete a Facebook account or switch away from Gmail? The answer is simple and, at the same time, frustrating —

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Electrohome announces new affordable record player and bookshelf speakers

Electrohome has been around since 1907. The company started making televisions and other consumer goods, including phonographs and record players. Fast forward to 2022, and here we are with another record player release from Electrohome. This time, the company is looking to make both the record player and bookshelf speakers more accessible to your wallet.

The new Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player (wired and wireless) and the McKinley Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers offer up quality audio and versatile connectivity. These new additions also offer a retro design that brings character to any living space. The handcrafted MDF wood cabinets offer warm resonance-free music playback, rich sound, and rear bass ports, all in a “Golden Age of Audio” design language.

“Taking inspiration from our Electrohome Kingston 7-in-One Music System, we brought to life a powered bookshelf speaker, with rich room-filling sound and ultimate audio versatility, bringing people together to celebrate music,” said Deepak Jain, CEO of Electrohome .

Electrohome announces new affordable record player and bookshelf speakers
Electrohome McKinley Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers

Enjoy stunning audio playback from these 2-way active speakers that offer faithful sound reproduction with deep and natural bass. The speakers utilize high-performing components including a class D built-in amplifier, 1” silk soft dome tweeters, 4” woofers,