As new Google Cloud regions turn out to be obtainable, new subnets in those areas are routinely added to auto mode VPC networks through the use of an IP vary from that block. In addition to the routinely created subnets, you possibly can add more subnets manuallyto auto mode VPC networks in areas that you just select by using IP ranges outside of Auto mode VPC networks create subnets in each region automatically. Custom mode VPC networks begin with no subnets, supplying you with full management over subnet creation. For information about the variations between auto mode and customized mode VPC networks, see kinds of VPC networks.

Your subnets needn’t kind a predefined contiguous CIDR block, but you can do that if desired. For instance, auto mode VPC networks do create subnets that fit within a predefined auto mode IP range.

Each VPC network consists of one or more …

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