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The number of the suitable blockchain was a key a part of the project. The main focus was on ensuring that it was ecologically sustainable, quick, and had low processing fees (i.e. charges for mining and transferring the NFTs). This blockchain has a minimal CO2 footprint and enables quick transactions between marketplace and customers. Orders placed on our web site are despatched Monday to Friday. If you’ve chosen to gather from our shop you are able to do so through the hours above once you have acquired notification that your order is prepared to pick up.

  • Here in India, we worship “Kalki” as an avatar of Lord Vishnu and righteously this name has brought in good fortunes and bestowed upon us, prosperity that we always yearn.
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  • The value point is above average compared to other retailers on our High Street listing, but you’ll be supporting smaller designers while bagging a chunk you’d be hard pressed to find anyplace else.
  • T-shirts, jerseys, cardigans, rompers, jeans, leggings, denims, jackets, shorts, skirts, units…

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