Purnartha Investment Advisers Cross Rs. 1,000 Cr in PMS AUM

Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd. (Purnartha), one of India’s leading investment advisory and portfolio management companies, has recently crossed the milestone of Rs.1,000 Cr in assets under management (AUM) for its Portfolio Management Services.

Purnartha was founded by Mr. Rahul Rathi and Dr. Raghu Sundaram in 2011 and entered the equity investment advisory market with a unique philosophy for long-term wealth creation. Since 2015, the company began expanding its pan-India presence and currently has presence in nine cities across six states. The company has a strong team of industry veterans and subject matter experts. Over the years, Purnartha has grown into a 10,000+ strong family, including domestic, NRI, and institutional investors across its equity-related product offerings.

After establishing itself among the leaders in the investment advisory business, Purnartha entered into portfolio management services in September 2020. Since the launch of the service, Purnartha has managed to achieve Rs. 1,000+ Cr of assets under management.

Portfolio management services provide a customized investment portfolio across asset classes. Purnartha’s PMS allows investors to access professionally managed equity investments with the objective of beating the underlying benchmarks and generating returns over the long-term. Currently, the company offers two distinct investment approaches to investors to suit their risk profile.

Speaking about the milestones, Mr. Hemant Vispute, Managing Director – Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd, said, “It is a matter of great honor and pride to achieve Rs. 1,000 Cr of AUM within 2 years of the launch of our portfolio management services. We started our services in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a way out of operational, logistical and other challenges that came our way. However, we have steered past these troubled waters well, and continue to expand our operations across India – including Tier II cities and more. The achievement highlights our clients’ trust in the company’s ability to navigate the market volatility.”

Purnartha PMS is generally based on solid foundational investment principles with a rigorous filtering criteria that guides the businesses they choose to invest in. The fundamental investment principles are:

Companies that are projected to demonstrate consistent volume growth across all business cycles.

Companies that showcase consistent revenue growth based on their volume growth.

Companies that show positive operative cash flow growth over a period of time.

Companies that do not rely on debt to drive their operations, growth, or expansion.

Purnartha meticulously looks for businesses that satisfy these qualities to build a resilient market-cap and sector-agnostic portfolio at long-term wealth creation. Furthermore, the company houses a well-experienced research team that monitors macro-economic trends to identify potential investment opportunities. Similarly, Purnartha also conducts on-ground channel checks, interacts with industry experts, and follows other due diligence to validate its findings.

Adding on the achievement, Mr. Devendra Phadke, Director, Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd. said, “The Rs.1,000 Cr milestone validates our clients’ trust and our research capabilities. We continue to rely on our core values ​​of ethics, clear investment philosophy, and building strong relationships with our esteemed clients. Their support and faith in our capabilities has been reassuring and will definitely spur us to achieve greater heights in the years to come.”

About Purnartha

Purnartha’s primary focus is to demystify the world of equity investments and create an ecosystem backed by unmatched expertise and transparency that aims to help people prosper and grow. Founded in 2011 as an investment advisory firm and headquartered in Pune, Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd. is backed by a team of industry veterans and subject matter experts. The company is functional across the country with nine regional offices in six states. Purnartha offers a range of equity related products including investment advisory, portfolio management services, and alternative investment funds.

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