Proscenic T22 takes air fryers to the next level

Proscenic’s newly launched T22 Smart Air Fryer connects to your home Wi-Fi and cooks dinner on demand with a simple smart device command.

Air fryers are countertop appliances that cook foods from french fries to chicken wings and a whole lot in between. They are designed to cook more healthily and efficiently. The Proscenic T22 takes it up a level with built-in Wi-Fi to connect it to your home network, to add voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant), schedules and remote control functionality.

The AC-powered fryer (14.2 by 10.66 by 12.04 inches, 12.5 pounds) cooks with less oil and with TurboAir Technology, which Proscenic says is “seven times more effective than regular air circulation technology and reduces 90% of the fats contained in foods for an extremely healthy option.” Intelligent SuperDenoise Technology reduces noise by 20% to 48 decibels while in use.

A dishwasher-safe, square-shaped 5.28-quart basket coated with nonstick Teflon holds the food. The basket is removed by pressing a button on the handle to avoid direct contact with anything hot. A dishwasher-safe crisper plate sits inside on the bottom of the basket. Depending on the people you are feeding and their hunger level, the basket can hold enough food for up to four people. When the basket is in the air fryer, 360-degree air circulation efficiency cooks the food.

First hand, during this hot summer season, cooking with the T22 air fryer has often eliminated the need to heat my oven and having to open it, releasing hot air into the house. Now food is cooked on demand in a more efficient manner.

The smart controls take this to the next level, not only on ease of use but the efficiency with wireless connections to voice assistants and the free ProscenicHome app (iOS and Android). The app has endless recipes, timers and schedules, so the meal is ready when you want. With the timers, remember that the food has to be in the basket, ready to cook.

With all this, it is easy to use with the controls, which are on a top-side touchscreen for power, pause, preheat, presets and temperatures. And the 1,500-watt T22 cooks in a range of 165 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in five-degree increments. The controls also have a keep-warm feature and automatic turnoff.

There are 11 presets, and everything can be tweaked depending on what you’re cooking and who’s being cooked for. In a nutshell, my family has found a big part of cooking with an air fryer is trial and error.

A simple item like french fries is now an air fryer family favorite, but we like ours a little well done compared with the suggested time on the presets, which we figured out on the initial cooking. We needed extra time on both homemade fries and a bag of store-bought crispy fries to get them to the desired crisp.

During the cooking, a reminder to shake the contents in the T22 midway through the cooking ensures everything is cooked evenly for optimum results. And once you have figured out personal recipes, Proscenic has an online option to share T22 air fryer recipes.

Another experiment, which took a lot of trial and error, was chicken Parmesan. Getting the chicken cooked just right and adding the toppings took a few experiments, but dinner was served once it was right.

Like other air fryers, the T22 takes some experimenting, since air fryers are a newer way of cooking than stovetops and ovens. But once you figure it out, it’s easy to see why they’ve gotten all the fanfare over the last few years. Now with the Proscenic T22 adding Wi-Fi connectivity, a new Alexa command has been added to my home.

“Alexa, cook my dinner.”

The Proscenic T22 is $129.99 at

The Proscenic T22 is an AC-powered fryer that cooks with less oil and with TurboAir Technology.
The Proscenic T22 is an AC-powered fryer that cooks with less oil and with TurboAir Technology.(Proscenic / TNS)
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