Kenko Health – A Game-Changer in The Employee Health and Wellness Scene

Kenko Health, a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one, technology-powered platform that combines healthcare services and financing has won the support of over 200 corporations. Post the covid pandemic, hundreds of small and large enterprises are lining up to better safeguard the health of their employees. From pharmaceuticals to chemical engineering, logistics and transportation to large media conglomerates – Kenko has covered every sector and offers group health plans for team sizes as small as 2 and as big as 20,000. India’s biggest corporates such as, ABP News, Porter, Rebel Foods, Kokilaben Hospital and more have partnered with Kenko Health. Their plans start at 189/month per employee and cover out-of-pocket expenses (including daily healthcare) along with hospitalization benefits.

Aniruddha Sen, Co-founder at Kenko Health, says, “Our commitment is not to chase short-term gains, but to become India’s one-stop healthcare services solution. Our affordable and customized plans have already covered 1.5 lakh individuals in one year. Today, we are the only comprehensive OPD finance solutions provider in the country. Our immediate goal is to work with as many Indian employers as possible to insure the valuable workforce of this nation. This ambitious vision has come to life through robust partnerships with over 200 corporates, and we’re just getting started.”

“Our focus on technology-driven solutions, use of AI/ML for better risk assessment and fraud detection and our obsession with customer-first approach has catapulted us to this stage. A high degree of diligence has also been integral to our corporate partnerships. A quick and hassle-free onboarding process minimizes the need for paperwork and lengthy phone calls. Finally, flexible health plans ensure that every business can prioritize its requirements with us,” he further added.

Kenko has always believed in creating a real impact beyond its revenue charts, affecting the lives of lakhs of Indians. This feat was validated with the latest figures where the company has settled over 2.5 crores worth OPD benefits and 15 crores in hospital and emergency bills. What does this mean for those subscribed to Kenko Health Plans? Tens of thousands of health check-ups, diagnostic tests, medical bills, post-surgery treatments, and several other expenses have already been settled by the company at a lightning-fast speed.

Furthermore, Kenko offers health benefits with no waiting. Its approved network of hospitals spans across India and currently stands at 7500+. “At Kenko’s heart lies a union of technology and care, one that is being embraced by Indians and India’s biggest employers,” quips Aniruddha.

Using tech-enabled solutions to turn traditional processes on its head contributes meaningfully to user satisfaction. Kenko is Replacing the tedious benefits transfer processes, long waiting periods, and ambiguous third-party customer service with an innovative, advance payout system. That means their subscribers get covered even before they recover. The company is working hard to make healthcare finance accessible and user-friendly by putting the needs of the customer above sales figures.

Kenko is expanding its support to businesses by establishing a state-of-the-art platform for Human Resource teams. To help their group health plan subscribers thrive, the company plans to walk in the shoes of managed healthcare organizations so that they can contribute to boosting employee morale, productivity and culture within the organization. The team is also invested in introducing new features and services that lay impetus on preventive care and at-home care.

Another major milestone is IRDA’s approval of the license to operate as an insurance company. Instead of partnering with traditional insurance players to cover IPD bills, Kenko will be able to settle it themselves and also bring in new products and solutions focused primarily on hospitalization expenses. The goals are ambitious. Kenko wants to end the year with over 500 corporate partners and 4L+ lives covered. It is also bringing new features to its celebrated ecosystem, making access to quality healthcare a matter of few clicks, no matter where you live. For Kenko, employee healthcare truly comes first.

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