‘Industry’ Creators Talk Season 3 Possibility and ‘Massive’ Plans

HBO’s Industry has finished its second season on the network, and it ended on a rather dramatic note.

The show follows a group of graduates who are trying to make it as investment bankers at the company Pierpoint & Co, no matter what they need to do to get the position.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Industry Season 2.

Season 2 saw Harper (Myha’la Herrold) be given quite the shock after a season of her doing everything she can to keep her spot at the investment bank.

‘Industry’ Creators Talk Season 3 Possibility and ‘Massive’ Plans

Myha’la Herrold as Harper in “Industry” Season 2, which ended on Monday September 19. The show’s creators have spoken about their plans for a potential third season.
Nick Strasberg/HBO

In the Season 2 finale, Harper’s past actions came back to haunt her as she was fired from Pierpoint for forging her college transcript so that she could get the position at the company.

That wasn’t all that happened to Harper in the show’s latest season as she found herself trying to cheat her way into getting a client’s investment to work out, and she even took part in insider trading.

But in the end, the finale saw Harper’s former manager Eric Tao (Ken Leung) did the unexpected as he revealed to Pierpoint that she had lied in her application for the job, which led to her dismissal from the company.

The show has not yet been renewed for a third season, but creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay have revealed they are already making plans for what’s to come next for Harper and the show’s other characters.

speaking to TIME about the show, Down confirmed that they have already started working on the story as he said: “The joy of doing a third season after you set up characters in the first two is that you can smash characters that you haven’t before together. “

Kay also spoke about the shocks in the Season 2 finale, telling the publication: “When [Eric] says, ‘I’m doing this for you,’ I think 50% of the audience will think he’s doing this because she’s her own worst enemy, and she’s committed something illegal, and she needs to get out of the bank. The other 50% might think she’s been a thorn in their side for two seasons, and he needs to get rid of her—and both are true.”

What this could mean for Harper and the other characters will no doubt be a focus for the next season, should the show be renewed, and Down has already teased their future plans.

The co-creator said things are “going to be massive” when it comes to a potential Season 3, and possibly beyond, but he would not specify exactly how that would be the case.

Industry is available to watch on HBO Max now.