I caught McDonald’s filming customers in the toilet and confronted the manager but he refused to remove it

A CUSTOMER has been left outraged after finding a camera in the bathroom of his local McDonald’s.

TikTok user Nick posted a clip of the shocking discovery two days ago, which also showed the manager of the restaurant in Ireland refuse his request to remove the invasive gadget.

Nick was outraged by the camera in the restaurant bathroom


Nick was outraged by the camera in the restaurant bathroomCredits: TikTok
He suggests that it is an invasion of customer's privacy


He suggests that it is an invasion of customer’s privacyCredits: TikTok

In the clip, Nick walks into the local fast food chain and pans around the bathroom.

The camera dramatically turns upwards to show a small CCTV camera in the top corner of the room.

While it is not clear whether the camera can see over the top of the urinal’s privacy screen or into the cubicle, Nick certainly felt like it was an invasion of privacy.

All the while, the caption “McDonald’s filming you in the loo” is pasted across the screen.

The outraged user then confronts the manager, named as Radek in the video description, who refuses to remove the camera.

Radek can be heard saying that the branch has “security issues”, hinting that they are the reason for it, but repeatedly refuses to explain what these are.

He tells Nick: “I don’t need to tell you.”

Commenting on the clip, Nick said: “The management even allowed it and said it’s perfectly fine.

“So if you’re coming here and you want to catch a movie and have a McDonald’s, you’ll be filmed having ap***.”

According to Nick, the branch was in Castletroy, a suburb of Limerick, Ireland.

In the video description he wrote: “Here is Radek the McDonald’s Manager at Castletroy admitting they have cameras in the TOILETS.”

Commenters were equally shocked, with one writing simply: “Oh no!!!”

Another played on the chain’s famous slogan, saying: “I’m not lovin’ that!”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “McDonald’s does not routinely install cameras in bathroom areas. In this case, the franchisee, who owns and operates this restaurant, has made the decision to install a fixed camera to address incidences of anti-social behaviour.

Only the washbasins and bathroom floor are in view of the camera and a fixed privacy partition has been installed at the urinalso.

The branch's manager cited 'security issues' as he refused to remove the device


The branch’s manager cited ‘security issues’ as he refused to remove the deviceCredits: TikTok