Hasbro announces Selfie Series action figures

Hasbro has been making action figures and toys for years, and now they are tapping into society’s obsession with self. The new Hasbro Selfie Series can create an action figure based on you with simple photographs of your face at different angles. I’d be more interested in these as gifts for others and not so much for myself; I’m not self-absorbed.

But understanding the Instagram/TikTok warped world we live in, I can see why Hasbro is heading in the Selfie Series direction. But I digress.

Hasbro is using Formlabs 3D printing for manufacturing personalized action figures at scale. For the first time, fans can scan their face with a smart device and have a custom-made look-a-like action figure delivered to their door.

This launch represents the culmination of years of investment in Formlabs stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology combined with a drive to bring fans closer to the entertainment worlds they love.

Customers need to upload a few photos of their faces from different angles to the app, choose their hair color and personalization, such as adding a beard or glasses, and then select which action figure they want to become! From a Star Wars Rebel Alliance X-wing pilot, morphing into a Power Ranger, quietly stalking Cobra as Snake Eyes, or swinging through the New York cityscape like Spider-Man, fans can indulge in the ultimate consumer experience with Hasbro Selfie Series figures.

It all seems straightforward, but at US$79.99 a pop, that is a hefty price to pay for one action figure. Find out more about the process and how to go about ordering and creating your figure at this link. September 30th is the target launch date for the process.

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Last Updated on September 26, 2022.

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