Gadgets: Scosche’s BoomCan MS magnetic wireless speaker is innovative, travel-friendly

Scosche’s BoomCan MS magnetic wireless speaker is a fun, creative and helpful speaker. The magnetic backing makes this hockey puck-sized speaker innovative, which you can use to attach to the MagSafe back of an iPhone (iPhone 12 or later).

In addition to MagSafe, the BoomCan will attach to any metal surface.

The BoomCan has a 3-watt speaker behind a fabric front. It weighs 3 ounces and measures 1.21 inches tall and 2.38 inches in diameter, making it backpack- and travel-friendly. It has a five-hour battery life (USB-C charging cable is included) and is built with an IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating.

The back of the BoomCan has a rubber center, which prevents it from scratching an expensive iPhone when it’s magnetically attached. Another added feature when connected is becoming a hands-free setup, with the speaker acting as a kickstand.

And remember, it’s Bluetooth 5.3, so even if there isn’t a metal surface close by, pairing is easy, and the small size makes the BoomCan portable to use almost anywhere. It pairs easily with older iPhones and Androids. Why not buy two, since a pair of BoomCan MS speakers can be paired for wireless stereo listening? $49.99 Available in white or black

It’s a generic saying, but so true regarding Cyber ​​Acoustics Speaker Bar: Big things come in small packages. And it comes with a small $24.99 price tag.

The USB-powered speaker measures 2.75-by-8.25-by-1.25 inches and is designed and promoted to be mounted under a computer monitor for a clean and organized setup, but its usefulness goes further. It’s not intended to be the sound machine for a Saturday night party; instead, it’s a perfect office accessory. And with the cleaner mount helps maintain a clutter-free desktop.

Its integrated top-side clip mounting system connects to a Mac or PC with a single USB cable (a USB-A to USB-C adapter is included) and is plug-and-play. Volume and play/pause and mute controls are on the bottom.

Two single-watt 1.5-inch speakers are mounted on each side of the front behind a black grill, which produces a direct, crisp sound with excellent clarity. And much louder than I anticipated and far better than most computers’ built-in speakers.

The Cyber ​​Acoustics speaker bar is designed to mount on the bottom of the monitor, but it works fine as a stand-alone USB-powered speaker.

iHome Audio has released a pair of fun color-changing waterproof Bluetooth speakers with the PlayGlow Plus ($52.99) and its baby brother, the PlayGlow Mini ($31.99).

Both cylinder speakers provide a fun atmosphere with a color-changing 360-degree LED cylinder body with five color-changing modes (slow fade, color change, favorite color, pulse-to-music, preset pulse).

The PlayGlow Plus measures 3.2 inches wide and 5.5 inches high and will play for about 32 hours before a USB charge is needed. The mini is a little smaller, 2.8 inches wide by 4 inches tall, and lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge. Rubber rings are built into both ends for protection.

Both speakers have IP67 certifications and will not sink with their floatable cabinets, making them great to have poolside or on the beach since it’s also soundproof or inside to light up a room. Voice prompt notifications have alerts for pairing status and battery levels.

The sound from the PlayGlow Plus is solid, with a good amount of bass. Buttons to control include play, pause, volume, and pairing, and the light modes are on the front and back of the Plus, with power on the bottom.

The PlayGlow Mini has a little less power in its sound, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. The portability of the pocket-sized mini makes it great. Control buttons on the mini are located on the front for play/pause, and the bottom has power, pairing, and light modes. Volume controls on the mini are controlled from the music source.

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This story was originally published September 14, 2022 5:30 AM.