Electrohome announces new affordable record player and bookshelf speakers

Electrohome has been around since 1907. The company started making televisions and other consumer goods, including phonographs and record players. Fast forward to 2022, and here we are with another record player release from Electrohome. This time, the company is looking to make both the record player and bookshelf speakers more accessible to your wallet.

The new Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player (wired and wireless) and the McKinley Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers offer up quality audio and versatile connectivity. These new additions also offer a retro design that brings character to any living space. The handcrafted MDF wood cabinets offer warm resonance-free music playback, rich sound, and rear bass ports, all in a “Golden Age of Audio” design language.

“Taking inspiration from our Electrohome Kingston 7-in-One Music System, we brought to life a powered bookshelf speaker, with rich room-filling sound and ultimate audio versatility, bringing people together to celebrate music,” said Deepak Jain, CEO of Electrohome .

Electrohome announces new affordable record player and bookshelf speakers
Electrohome McKinley Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers

Enjoy stunning audio playback from these 2-way active speakers that offer faithful sound reproduction with deep and natural bass. The speakers utilize high-performing components including a class D built-in amplifier, 1” silk soft dome tweeters, 4” woofers, and optimized crossover techniques for high-performing, undistorted playback.

Conveniently connects to any source device through RCA, Aux-In, or Bluetooth 5.0 without needing additional components or complicated setups. These speakers are the perfect companion to any home audio setup; easily connect with a turntable, TV, computer, or pair with a mobile device for wireless Bluetooth music or podcast streaming. Switch between sources with the intuitive remote featuring customizable bass and treble EQ adjustments.


Electrohome says the Montrose is designed for the enthusiast the removable cartridge and adjustable counterweight provide freedom to upgrade and balance a higher-performance cartridge as users dive deeper into their vinyl voyage. The pre-installed cartridge and built-in preamp allow users to connect their system easily. The Montrose and Montrose Wireless feature an expertly engineered wood cabinet with vibration damping feet that improves record groove tracking and produces a warm resonance-free sound.

Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player
Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player

The Montrose record players are paired with Audio-Technica’s diamond-tipped needle, which is renowned for its durability and reputation for delivering accurate sound reproduction with extended playing time. They are developed with an aluminum tonearm isolated from the anti-resonant platter to improve record groove contact and reduce unwanted vibrations from affecting the music. Drop the needle and immerse in the ritual of playing vinyl records, accurately reproducing the original recording the way the artist intended.

“We were uncompromising in the development of the Montrose and Montrose Wireless. Automatic speed control, isolated tonearm, Audio-Technica cartridge, and performance that exceeds the market,” Jain said. “These features combine to allow music enthusiasts to hear their music unlike ever before!”

The automatic speed control motor maintains a consistent rotation of the platter and ensures accurate speed by automatically measuring and adjusting variances in velocity for precise playback of the record. The adjustable counterweight sets the ideal tracking force to achieve optimal sound reproduction and protect records from unnecessary wear, and the auto-stop function stops the record from spinning once finished to preserve the stylus.


The Montrose Record Players and McKinley Bookshelf Speakers are available for purchase as a bundle at Electrohome and Amazon ($199.99 or $219.99 for wireless). They are also sold separately.

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Last Updated on September 9, 2022.

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