292 Students Scored Above 500 Marks in NEET Entrance Exam

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Velammal Bodhi Campus churns out NEET entrance exam toppers, this year again

Sanjay Krish, a luminary student of Velammal scores 700 out of 720 and secures an All India Ranking of 72 in NEET 2022

Velammal Bodhi Campus continues to be a home to rank holders year after year! This year again the institution has catalyzed the success of many medical aspirants in the NEET entrance examination, with 292 students scoring above 500 marks, 176 above 550, 75 above 600 marks and 23 medical aspirants above 650 marks. Sanjay Krish SP, a luminary student of Velammal, secured an All-India Ranking of 72 by scoring 700 out of a possible 720 marks, making the family of Bodhis ever proud.

Sanjay Krish, a student of Velammal scores 700 out of 720 and secures an All India Ranking of 72 in NEET 2022

Congratulating the future doctors and expressing joy over their remarkable performance in NEET 2022, Mr. MVM Sasikumar, Director, Velammal Education Trust said, “Our teachers in the form of educators and mentors continue to be a part of the students’ journey, in turning their dreams to reality. Truly dedicated, they are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of the NEET aspirants and this year’s results too, speak for themselves! They not only propel the student’s learning and understanding of the key subjects, with the right choice of study material, mode of learning and solutions for tackling exams, especially learning complex concepts the easy way, but also provide insights into the dynamics of NEET, by strengthening their mental agility and boosting their self-confidence and morale diligently.”

He said, “The teachers with their exceptional coaching skills help students set benchmarks during preparation, in problem identification, areas of improvement, goal setting, and overcoming fears and doubts, if any. VBLive, our online coaching initiative has also proved its quality with the best results in the first year of establishment benefiting those many students who are not able to attend our classes in person due to various reasons.”

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