This $15 gadget is putting chip clips out of business

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Seal and open every bag perfectly with this brilliant machine. (Source: iStock)

A really good selection of snacks can make for a delicious picnic. Now we’re coming up on trail mix season, too, with its many pouches of nuts and dried fruit. If you love bringing great snacks with you on your outings, you know the struggle of keeping partially-full bags sealed well on the go—and the last thing anyone wants is for your snacks to spill or go stale.

Thankfully, this clever gadget transforms the bag game in every area of ​​your life while also combining two kitchen essentials into a single must-have product.

Seal and re-open easily

A two-in-one heat sealer and bag opener makes chip clips seem like caveman tech.  (Source: Amazon)

A two-in-one heat sealer and bag opener makes chip clips seem like caveman tech. (Source: Amazon)

$15.29 $18.99 at Amazon

The Mini Bag Sealer is a heat vacuum and bag cutter combined into one portable machine. This hand-sized device contains two slots. One uses heat to seal any plastic bag by melting the open sides together, and the other features a convenient cutter to snip the bag open again.

Saving your snacks for later is as easy as swiping their wrapper through this mini gadget. The seal is airtight and as waterproof as the packaging itself.

One satisfied customer wrote this five-star review titled ‘You NEED this Mini Sealer!!!:’

“I LOVE it! I bake often so I’m always using just ‘some’ of a bagged item (nuts, morsels, coconuts, etc) and the Mini Bag Sealer restores the unused portion to fresh new-bag status. It’s an awesome asset for these pantry staples. I use it every day for packaged cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, nachos, etc.”

If you’re anxious to try the Mini for yourself, now’s a perfect time. It’s on sale on Amazon (with an added 10% off coupon), so you’ll be able to save your food and your wallet at the same time.

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