Turtle Beach finally announces compact mobile controller

Turtle Beach only recently got into the controller game (if you take into account how long game controllers have been around). Starting with the Recon, they quickly released the REACT-R and, more recently, the Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller (our review

Web3 offers hope for the future of work

The evolution of the world wide web (Web3 incoming) has been quick in terms of general life-altering developments in human existence, but actually quite slow regarding how quickly technology has typically come to advance.

The first version of the web,

Electrohome announces new affordable record player and bookshelf speakers

Electrohome has been around since 1907. The company started making televisions and other consumer goods, including phonographs and record players. Fast forward to 2022, and here we are with another record player release from Electrohome. This time, the company is

What’s with zero emissions and green energy?

We often write about the subject of electric cars here at Techaeris. My attraction to electric vehicles is their performance potential rather than their environmental impact, but I know a large segment of the audience is concerned with the latter.

[IFA 2022] The new EcoFlow DELTA 2 is a 1kWh portable power station

Portable power stations are a rapidly growing segment of the tech market. This year we have ramped up our coverage of these valuable tools, and EcoFlow is one of the brands we’ve reviewed. The EcoFlow DELTA was a great unit,

Surprising no one, Phil Spencer confirms Call of Duty and more for Xbox Game Pass

When Xbox announced it was acquiring Activision Blizzard for an insane amount of money, there was (and still is) a lot of concern about what would happen with the flagship title, Call of Duty. As with previous Xbox acquisitions,

The brand new 2022 motorola edge has been introduced

The motorola edge has been a highly regarded midrange smartphone, and now the 2022 motorola edge has been introduced. motorola followers ought to count on a well-known feel and appear with a couple of new goodies.

That includes a 6.6″

Seven new applied sciences which might be remodeling recreation in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for the sports activities and recreation sector, because it pressured everybody to spend lengthy durations indoors. Some actions shifted on-line to assist folks keep lively or entertained throughout lockdowns. In distinction, others needed to restrict

The best way to survive a blackout, that includes the BLUETTI AC500

BLUETTI is about to announce the second technology of its modular energy station, the AC500. The corporate is releasing this unit in response to the rising demand for energy independence and addressing the blackout points in lots of areas of

Servers operating Digium Telephones VoiP software program are getting backdoored
Servers running Digium Phones VoiP software are getting backdoored

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Servers operating the open supply Asterisk communication software program for Digium VoiP companies are below assault by hackers who’re managing to commandeer the machines to put in internet shell interfaces that give the attackers covert management, researchers have